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We have  had  LGDs for 15 years.  We Started with Anatolian Shepherds and them moved on to a Great Pyrenees X Anatolian Shepherd cross .  We are thrilled with the cross.  And yes, the full coats do well in the lovely Texas heat. They slobber a bit more, so we just duck when they shake their head <VBG>!!

Our sire "Hondo" is full Great Pyrenees.  His quiet disposition is what really drew us to him.  When people meet him he usually gives  them quite a startle.....he sneaks up in stealth mode and  gives  a big slobbery nudge on the leg before he returns to his shady view under the Mesquite tree. 

"Jenny" is 1/2 Great Pyrenees and 1/2 Anatolian Shepherd.  She is quite the greeter & grinner.  Always interested in who is coming up to the pens.  She is also the goat babysitter/midwife.  She is very concerned if a doe is in labor. 

We are expecting our 5th  litter from Jenny and Hondo.  We've been very pleased with all the puppies.  Our last  litter was very  attentive and gentle with the young kids.  At 5 weeks of age most of these pups were crawling into the kidding stalls at night and staying with the newborn kids and dams!!!  We look forward to this litter being just as wonderful as the last.

This litter is every bit as spectacular as the last.  These pups have been cooped up in the barn with the goats for the last 10 days, due to the lovely ice and snow, and all have performed amazing well. 

Price on our puppies is $150.  This includes current vaccinations, deworming and  a monthly topical flea & tick preventative.  Puppies can not leave before 8 weeks of age and then only to experienced homes.  We prefer to keep puppies with their sire and dam until 10 weeks.  This also allows us time to give the puppies their second round of shots.  We  strongly recommend  feeding Purina Pro Plan Large Breed Puppy Formula for the first 18 months.  We feel this gives them a great start  on building strong healthy bones for the slow growing/maturing  LGD.  We feed our adult dogs Purina Pro Plan Large Breed Adult Formula and recommend this once the pups mature.  They will remain on this formula until the age of 9 years at that time we will switch them to the senior formula.   We don't say that Pro Plan is the only large breed formula available on the market today.  However, based on our experience it has proven to be a most valuable asset in raising healthy active LGDs.


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