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Senior Does

Below are a few of our milking girls. We'll add more pictures and info as we progress.


HBF LS Keen Dream *D

Sire: MCH HBF Lucky Strike+S 'E'     Dam: HBF Peachy Keen 'VG'

Keen is an impressive little first freshener who got her milking star on a one day test this year. Milking 3.2lbs with 4.89% butterfat. I love this doe!  She wonderful to milk.

HBF RF Black Widow

Sire: Piddlin Acres Redy Freddy *S     Dam: HBF M Aria


Widow is a very correct and stylish doe.  She did well as a junior doe in the show ring steadily moving up in her class.    We look forward to a very productive  future with her.


Sire:  Little Rascals Amadeus Mozart 'VG'    Dam: MCH HBF Charlottes Final Impress'n  'E'

 I like the depth and the width in this doe.  We've only showed her once  in a junior class where she and her litter mate placed in the top 10.  We plan to show her more now that she has matured.


Sire: Woodhaven Farms Timbucktoo 'VG'     Dam: HBF Andromeda 'E'

 Funny how a few little gems show up when you actually get the clippers out and peel away the rough layers. <G>  We've never shown Athena.....put a lead on her and she becomes a snow plow!  So we're content in leaving her home.  I kept her daughter from last year...who looks very promising.